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Governing Board of the Erie County Home Team

Collen Hammon, Chair

Community Member at Large

Danielle Szklenski, Vice-Chair

Family Services of Northwest PA

Jennie Haggerty, Secretary

Mercy Center for Women

VACANT, PIT Count Committee Chair


Kurt Crays, Client Services Committee Chair

Erie United Methodist Alliance

Liz McCormick, Project Ranking and Funding Committee Chair

Community Member at Large

Chris Tombaugh, Marketing/Community Engagement Committee Chair

Erie Dawn

VACANT, Data Collection and Use Committee Chair


Sean O'Neill, Coordinated Entry Committee Chair

Erie County Care Management

Dave Deter

City of Erie 

Mary Johnson

Erie County Department of Health

Andy Dimperio

Shannon Lofton

Erie United Methodist Alliance/Lived Experienced Liaison

Dave Wooledge

Lived Experienced Liaison

The Governing Board of the Erie County Housing and Homeless Coalition consists of between 11 and 19 persons to oversee the operations and direction of the coalition.  The group meets bi-monthly to set the agenda for full coalition meetings as well as discuss strategic planning, programmatic function, etc etc.  

The Governing Board is presided over by an Executive Team,  The Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary preside over the Governing Board and Full membership meetings.  Other members of the Governing Board consist of the six committee chairs, as identified in the organizational bylaws and strategic  planning documents.  Two additional slots are reserved for community liaisons with lived experience.  Eight additional seats on the Board are available for interested persons from the general membership willing to serve in a voting capacity.

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