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The Erie County Home Team Housing and Homeless Coalition undertook an extensive strategic planning exercise in 2018/2019 to set a course for future initiatives as well as reorganize and better align its' structure.  During this initiative, several identified strategies were put in to place,  Additionally, CoC bylaws and governance structure were updated.  More in-depth information regarding the current efforts can be found under the Strategic Plan subtab on this page.  

At the core of the Strategic Plan, the Erie County CoC adopted the guidelines recommended by the USICH.  All further planning activities would focus on accomplishing the following goals:

  • End and Prevent Chronic Homelessness

  • End and Prevent Veteran Homelessness

  • End and Prevent Family Homelessness

  • End and Prevent Youth Homelessness

  • Set a Path to end All Types of Homelessness


Additionally, participants agreed that the CoC decision making should emphasize strong use of data moving forward.  While of importance to the governing board and decision making, there is also strong interest from the community on the state of homelessness in our region.  When available, updated data will be provided on the Data subtab of this page.  The CoC believes that an informed community will be better prepared to meet the challenges of addressing homelessness as well as the root causes of it. 

While working on strategic initiatives, efforts will be guided by benchmarks that allow monitoring of progress.  The identified HEARTH performance measures include:

  • Reduction of average length of time persons are homeless. Reduction in returns to homelessness.

  • Improvement of program coverage.

  • Reduction in number of families and individuals who are homelessness.

  • Improvement of employment rate and income amount of families and individuals who are homeless.

  • Reduction in the number of families and individuals who become homeless (first time homeless).

  • Prevention of homelessness and achieving independent living in permanent housing for families and youth defined as homeless under other Federal statutes.

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