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The Erie County CoC adopted a strategic plan in 2019 to guide its efforts moving forward.  Upon completion of the process, five strategic focus areas were created to drive the end goal of eradicating homelessness in Erie County.  Click on any of the focus areas to see the working planning document.

Strategic Focus      Area One: 


Ensure that the Erie County Continuum of Care membership and governance structure is efficient and built in a capacity to best provide leadership, funding and support for the community.

Strategic Focus      Area Two:                  


Meet the needs of our clients by offering a ‘toolbox’ of new and existing services and housing offerings based on best practices. 

Strategic Focus Area Three:

Develop and ensure efficient and effective practices of data collection and use, to base forward-thinking decision making and program implementation.

Strategic Focus   Area Four: 


Increase our community awareness and marketing efforts within both the external community and with our internal stakeholders. 

Strategic Focus  Area Five: 


Strategically engage and align the CoC within the community with those initiatives that best meet our client’s needs.

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